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Property Prices Database

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Handling portfolio valuations

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Cenatorium is a leading supplier of data-based solutions for real estate industry. We combine our experience and knowledge of the dynamics of spatial economy phenomena with advanced data processing technologies. Movie clip >

Property Prices Database

Over 4,000,000 records: this is how impressive our source of knowledge about transactions on the property market is. No one in Poland has such an abundance of data in this field. The transaction prices database is updated on an ongoing basis, and the data that we obtain, among others, from public sources, are consolidated and standardised. Read more >

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Handling portfolio valuations with the use of AVM

The AVM (Automated Valuation Model) tool patented by us calculates the market value of property using an advanced statistical model on the basis of data from the Prices Database. This model is perfect for the execution of mass package orders aimed at e.g. updating the value of a mortgage collateral portfolio. Read more >

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Dedicated reports

We understand that the needs of property developers or brokers differ, for instance, from the needs of banks. This is why our analysts create specialist statistical reports for a selected location or area. The Property Prices Database allows for the development of multidimensional reports as regards property value dynamics. We also offer expert analyses, and an examination of investment attractiveness of a property. We will tell you which properties have the greatest potential. We also prepare property price indices in which we present average quarterly prices and percentage ratios of their changes for 20 provincial cities and 16 provinces (excluding the provincial cities), based on data from the Property Prices Database. Read more >

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Integration of solutions with our client’s systems

Using the API interface we enable direct communication with the system at your company. This makes it possible, for instance, to use bulk valuation of properties. You may make a one-time inquiry about property package valuation or carry out cyclical valuations of the same portfolio. Read more >

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