Handling portfolio valuations with the use of AVM

The AVM (Automated Valuation Model) tool patented by us calculates the market value of property using an advanced statistical model on the basis of data from the Prices Database. This model is perfect for the execution of mass package orders aimed at e.g. updating the value of a mortgage collateral portfolio. Our experience shows that this way we are able to quickly estimate a large number of standard properties while ensuring that the accuracy of the estimates is above the market standards. In the case of e.g. houses, the valuation is supervised by experts who use our own tools. The entire process is monitored for compliance with regulatory requirements.
This solution is mostly used by:

  • banks which we provide with verified property valuations, in accordance with the S and J Recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority;
  • insurance companies and debt collection agencies which are given the possibility to estimate precisely the returns from funds from the collateral deployed by the bank in the portfolio monitoring process.