Property Prices Database

Over 4,000,000 records: this is how impressive our source of knowledge about transactions on the property market is. No one in Poland has such an abundance of data in this field. The transaction prices database is updated on an ongoing basis, and the data that we obtain, among others, from public sources, are consolidated and standardised.

This is why you can easily find information concerning the features, location and transaction price of a given property among millions of records on your own. In addition, our system of information about real properties provides further details concerning a building’s location or its features. This is also one of the reasons the Prices Database provides information which complies with the J, S and F Recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
The Property Price Database is a tool used most frequently by:

The Property Price Database is a tool used most frequently by:

  • financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, debt collection agencies (process optimisation when taking loan-related decisions, estimation of the actual value of a property, assessment of the mortgage portfolio value);
  • investment funds (rational investment decisions based on models including actual data);
  • real estate agents (building expert knowledge and providing support to clients in the process of the purchase/sale of residential property/land).